Sep 02 2010

In the run-up to September 02 I received every few days telephone calls from different men who spoke Greek. As i asked ‘Do you speak English’, they said either ‘I call later’ or ‘I call again’. Two times also from different women. Towards the end of August, as I asked ‘Do you speak English’, the woman said ‘You have the court’, and as it came music for long time I slammed down the phone.


Oct 25 2010, evening. I was  just leaving the house as a lady, the owner of my apartment, who lives in other town, came  out of her car and wanted to speak to me_ I didn’t recognize her first. Language troubles…, two people in the house were contacted, didn’t help much. I somehow understood that she wanted to photograph the apartment and to get me out because I keep the apartment dirty.  We came upstairs and before I opened the door she made a telephone call on her mobile. By entering the apartment, in a state of shock, she said: ‘It is clean’. Short thereafter a man came with a camera. The lady and the man didn’t apparently know each other before. The man photographed every corner of the apartment and left. The lady, a sympathetic, charming woman with her daughter stayed still a while. I showed her the kitchen cupboard, which I didn’t use since two years I was living here because of strong bad smell. She said she’ll tell her husband who is carpenter. It was a very nice meeting with her.

Short days before this incident a manual worker was in the apartment. For no reason I knew, he went to the other room, where he had nothing to do, and looked around: I had spread some music scores out on the floor…

If the cupboard in the kitchen gets repaired, I should be grateful to those who arranged the meeting. Only heaven knows where the pictures go? Another encroachment upon a person who has over 30 years been demonized: Inexhaustible criminality against him. Behind the holy ‘back’ of the majesty is the violence of his taboo-face.


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