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See first ‘Lumumbaization of Khashoggi (2)-AminShafaati’

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

See first ‘Lumumbaization of Khashoggi (2)-AminShafaati’. A mess after the encroachment on my computer, especially on the website (severely injured, it will be soon dead: Cf. Nikos Grivas its host), by Reza Akbari and Mohammad Ramezani from

[The long Arm of ‘’ prevents to edit ‘Lumumbaization of Khashoggi (2)-AminShaffaati’. Here a new edit: Parallel with westernization and jewification of ‘the Islamic republic’s clerical establichment’ (President Hassan Rouhani, Yahoo March 6 2019), we have also its corresponding social cleansing practice with its political adversary Saudi Arabia: ‘The New York Times says MBS authorised a clandestine campaign against Saudi dissenters before Jamal Khashoggi’s murder (Yahoo March 18 2019). And ‘the Revolutionary Court conducts closed-door hearings over alleged threats to Iran’s government’ (Yahoo March 7 201). Cf. ‘MV-Sarafi-Shiraz’. And this: Khatami für Dialog der Religionen’. ‘Dialog der Götter. Universal Declaration of the Sacred and Violence_ ‘Prinzip ‘des Glaubens… Greuel von Feuer und Schwert’… Gott gegen Mensch. ‘Staat gegen Volk’…, Todestrieb gegen Lebenstrieb. ‘History of anlaity… Identity of the Devil as death instinct and the Devil as anality… The identity of God and the Devil’ (MV-Sarafi-Shiraz)]_ ‘Schnüffelgott… Schnüffelstaat’ (File 1980-2004)_ hinter dem Rücken des Volkes zum kräftigen Zuschlgen]]. ]

in Rasht: ‘Our expertise and determination is to provide high-speed, reliable and up-to-date technology in the world’. Among other Hostings there is also ‘Linux Cpanel Germany’. ‘Deed’ was ‘done’ supervised by a trusted person Amin Shafaati.

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‘Websites blocked in Iran’.