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Nikos Grivas (in Arbeit)

Sunday, January 6th, 2019

Nikos Grivas <>


Iraj Schimi

Dec 22 at 8:32 PM (2018)

Dear Iraj,

I just reached my email and i found all your messages along with all the calls through my parents and the dentist. As i said to you very long ago i am not working on computers or websites any longer, my only concern and occupation for the last few years is the hotel industry and this is the reason i am currently in Athens on a business trip. Mr Lefteris and his team in U-office are the right people to help you about your computer. The authorization code for your domain will be sent to you shortly and please take your website to a professional company which can offer you support.
About the 2 suitcases you left in the airport the last time i couldn’t store them in my place since i didn’t have any free space so i gave them to a friend to keep for as long as he can. After your call i contacted him and he said that he threw them away because his storage room was flooded a month ago, he only found some papers inside which were destroyed from the water.
Please let me know if there is something more that you need.

Best regards, Nikos Grivas


Nikos Grivas <>

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Since 2009, Nikos Grivas, son of a retired police officer, is hosting my website, WordPress, ‘Domestic State Terrorism’. I admired his knowledge in the field and in computer technology. As my hard disk (Apple laptop) was damaged he could replace it with an external hard disk (300 Euros) and I could satisfactory work again. Another time he found the failure of my computer and a friend of him repaired it. We were however not the kind of friends sitting around with a glass of beer and chat. By a telephone call he said he was lying in bed with fever. I brought him unpacked vitamins I had received from Germany, had complete trust in him, was happy to have a person I could rely on.

C.f. the Islamic counterpart Amin Shafaati in file Lumumbaization of Khashoggie (2).

Short days before my departure from Naxos, where I had lived more than 10 years, I gave him my mobile (Vodafone), an all-in-one printer for copy, print, scan, three extra large tables, two pairs of dumbbells, and some smaller items…

By flying from Naxos to Athens the airline refused to accept two suitcases because of overweight (together 70kg), and because there is maximal 4 suitcases allowed for one passenger and I had 6. I asked the lady there to call Nikos and he came shortly with a friend to the airport. For other suitcases there was also extra payments and the airline didn’t want to accept money, only credit card. Nikos paid it with his credit card and I paid him in cash. I thanked very much and farewelled and while Nikos and friend were carrying away the suitcases, I shouted after them: ‘Don’t carry. Pull…’.