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EU-GR Balcony naked

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

EU-GR Balcony naked

June 25 2017, 13.40 o’clock, very hot day. Someone with some equipment on the roof of the house opposite disappeared fast as he noticed that I became aware of him. He has been apparently photographing or filming me as I was taking sun naked on my balcony that has over one meter high solid edge and nobody can see except from the roof of that house.

Some weeks prior to the above incident, late night, dark (no light on), I was in the balcony, naked, examining the hanging laundry if already dry. From the balcony of the same opposite house came a powerful searchlight (large diameter) directed at me. Then turned off. I looked in that direction. It came again_ very strong, one could almost touch the beam… New variation of psychoterror right on my balcony! C.f. ‘psychoterrors (tall, heavy weight, sunglassed men) as I was jogging’ (2004-2009+).

Stop harassing_ bastard! Harassing, under the pretext of ‘national security’ [1], financed by taxpayers, the working class!

[1]’National security ideology [‘prevention or detection of crimes against national security’ (Säpo)]… is generally unrestrained by law and morality when dealing with ‘enemies’ (Richard Falk in Western State Terrorism, edited by Alexander George).