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EU-GR Balcony naked

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

EU-GR Balcony naked

June 25 2017, 13.40 o’clock, very hot day. Someone with some equipment on the roof of the house opposite disappeared fast as he noticed that I became aware of him. He has been apparently photographing or filming me as I was taking sun naked on my balcony that has over one meter high solid edge and nobody can see except from the roof of that house.

Some weeks prior to the above incident, late night, dark (no light on), I was in the balcony, naked, examining the hanging laundry if already dry. From the balcony of the same opposite house came a powerful searchlight (large diameter) directed at me. Then turned off. I looked in that direction. It came again_ very strong, one could almost touch the beam… New variation of psychoterror right on my balcony! C.f. ‘psychoterrors (tall, heavy weight, sunglassed men) as I was jogging’ (2004-2009+).

Stop harassing_ bastard! Harassing, under the pretext of ‘national security’, financed by taxpayers, the working class!

You, criminal, perverse (voyeur, exhinitionist. C.f. ‘EU-GR Gipfelpunkt des Sadismus und Verbrechens’: ‘Sadismus des Herrn’), thief, Christian creature. Extroversion of the Christian ‘Devil as the God of the Bible’; Christentum ‘für die alltägliche Politik’ (Kanzlerin Merkels Propaganda: KMP).

Roof, balcony, deckchair.

Lying on my back, side, or front, always feet up.

Searchlight came from this small balcony. There is no street between these two houses. Empty space between them 7 meters.


‘Tausende von Augen, die überall postiert sind’; ‘… die für Sonderaufgaben eingesetzten Denunzianten’ (File Österreichs katholischer Staat). File Martin Schulz: ‘… the intelligence Services have used forgeries and concocted evidence… to discredit people’; ‘… start a minor rumor campaign against him. Harass him constantly’. ‘Fun, fun, fun’. File: 1980-2004: ‘planned destructiveness’.


God knows what obscene campaign contemplates the murderer of Socrates_

  • ‘And now O men who have condemned me…, who are my murderers… If you think that by killing men you can prevent someone from censuring your evil lives, you are mistaken’_,

taking pictures of my penis and ass under hot sun on my balcony as evidence. See you_ ‘Jahve… Stehen und Gehen’ (ÖKS)_ next time, with your camera, in my toilet. Photomania, obsession of the Greek sub-state, its criminal-divine nucleus, started already 2005. ‘Agia Galini… am 22 Okt 2005, auf eine Entfernung von 50 Metern, fotografiert’ (2004-2009+). C.f. further: ‘An wenn sollen wir uns wenden, wenn du stirbst?… Er [der Araber Dimitris (von Naxos) Tzafaras (We-the-Team)] fotographierte mich hier Anfang November’ 2008. ‘The man photographed every corner of the apartment’. ‘Wenige Tage vor dem Fotografieren meines Gesichts [im Gefängnis]… der Polizei-Station[,] wurde ich[] nackt am Starand, auf eine Entfernung von 40 Metern, gefilmt oder fotografiert’.


In the bosom of the EU as ‘something like fascism’, as ‘Geheimdienstlich kriminelle Vereinigung’, unleashing your destructivity, obscenity, stealing instinct and sadism, with impunity (c.f. EU-GR files).

  • ‘Wahn und Verbrechen’ (Ö Zusatz 4); Christentum ‘für die alltägliche Politik’ (SiteTool); ‘das Interesse… für meine Hosen’ und ‘Partituren’ (EU-GR Hose).

Pinpoint destruction, initiated in Austria 40 years ago (file: Österreichs katholischer Staat), continued in the US and EU (file: GoGoogle), exercised with utmost brutality since 10 years in Greece.

As the Scriptures (the most criminal textbook with millions worshipers)_

  • ‘Thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth’, ‘… the extremes of savagery… in the Bible’, amounting to ‘Plage der Menschheit’; ‘Mordlust des heiligen Vaters’. ‘Virgins on the BBQ’. ‘The mode of worshipping the god of the Bible…, pleased with carnage’_


  • ‘Everything so devoted is most holy to the Lord. No human being thus devoted may be redeemed, but he shall be put to death… Sozialer Tod ist nicht genug. Ziel ist, das Herz zu stoppen’ (KMP).


I contacted Syriza a few times by writing and personally in Naxos. Once I entered the room in Syriza house, the seven or eight men there in their meeting became instantly stoned sculptures. I explained and showed them a few things in my laptop. The only lady there asked for my email and phone number to contact me. That’s all! Marxist philosopher Alex Callinicos points to “the trajectory of Syriza—which in five years has moved from the great hope of the international left to the Troika’s gendarme”.