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MV-Sarafi-Shiraz 2017

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Iran, Shiraz, MV (March 1 2017).

MV educated at Islamic university of Kazeroon.

11700000 (Tomans check given to Sarafi) ÷ 2860 (Euros received) = 4090

Euro sold 4090 Tomans.




Euros (EUR) to Iranian Rials (IRR) exchange rate for March 1, 2017

EUR IRR rate for 3/1/2017: 34,183.54

1 EUR   IRR   34,183.54 IRR


Euro hat to be: 3418 Tomans

11700000 (Tomans check) ÷ 3418 = 3423 (Euros I had to receive).

3423 – 2860 = 563 (Euros I received less, which was given to MV… This is the hypothesis).

If the Internet information is correct, it is Shiraz’ daylight robbery, and the link between MV and Sarafi is an influential person (authority), behind the scene, who wielded power over Sarafi, concocted the scheme, in behalf of MV and against the ‘enemy’.

  • ‘Where ends are agreed, the only questions left are those of means, and these are technical’ (webpage).

Is there a sort of nepotistic network in the social structure of Shiraz, or is it an isolated case?


About 5 years ago (now April 2017) I stayed some days in Atlas Hotel in Shiraz. MV was there receptionist.

From the start MV was aggressively interested in me. In an email she wrote: ‘Dusset daram [it is in Farsi almost like ‘I love you’]’. I was shocked!, didn’t react to it, don’t know how old exactly she is, sure not less than 40 years younger than me_ a Schnapsidee! . I wanted to find a domicile, wrote her to inform me about the cost of her time helping in this regard (see in the newspaper if she finds something suitable). After the experience with Sepidan (below), which had nothing to do with her, I informed her that my plan had been postponed. In the meanwhile she got engaged to Peyman, her guitar teacher, to whom she introduced me, and I explained them, partly in detail,  my experiences discussed in my webpage.

About two years before 2017 I was not in Shiraz and there was no contact with MV. As I arrived in Shiraz Feb 27 (2017), I stayed in Hotel Atlas, contacted MV who had left Hotel Atlas.

MV warned me not to call Peyman (apparently they separated. I didn’t say, ask, anything about it). I wanted that she  accompanies me to Sarafi to get Euros (my income is only the money my father has left)_

  • I am in Iran almost everywhere foreigner: ‘Do you speak Farsi?’, ‘Where do you come from?’, ‘Your Farsi is perfect’ (‘Shoma bezabane Farsi mossalat hastid’), ‘Are you Christian?, ‘I am sure you are not Iranian’. By passport control in the airport: I stand in the queue, only a few people before me. The passport control officer sees me, says: ‘other queue’. I go to the other one, see it is for foreigners, come back, say to the people in the previous queue ‘I am Iranian’. Two or three of them start saying loud to the officer: ‘He is Iranian’.
  • I experienced (attempted) cheating in Bank
  • [in a large bank in Tehran I came to the bank counter, gave the teller, a corpulent man, my bank book (daftar) to withdraw money. He counted the money (Irancheck) with the machine, and gave it to me. I counted, said ‘one is missing’, gave back the money. The same as before. He put it in the machine… I counted, one was less. Three times so. The fourth time it was correct],
  • in Hotel
  • [Tehran. The lady receptionist charged me one night more. After some minutes arguing I was induced to write on a paper: Tue, Wed, Thu… and showing it to the lady by counting with finger: one, two, three… She admitted it was wrongly counted one night more…, said (unbelievable!): ‘You are very intelligent and precise’ (kheili bahush va daghigh)!] and elsewhere, mistreatment and ridicule. I was object of ridicule and was insulted by an estate agent in Shiraz. The man suddenly, in no connection, said: ‘Where is your sister?’ (in the direction of one of the most vulgar Iranian swear words: ‘fucking your sister’)_ for the fun of two colleagues of him following the conversation between us. There seems to be a magnet in me attracting cruel instincts in most of my countrymen. In Tehran two intellectuals ridiculed me in front of other people_ amazingly, just after I expressed my thankfulness and sympathy to them (eradatmandam).
  • In north Tehran, around Kuhpayeh, as I went for a jog in the mountain, I saw, one kilometer afar, two hundred meters high in the mountain, three workers. They immediately stopped working as they noticed me, started to dance and clapping their hands… Remote ridicule.
  • There are other experiences with some Iranian musicians outside Iran. A significant one I can’t discuss here. ‘Arsalan Abedian’ and ‘Nader Mashayekhi’ (webpage) are two others.


  • I have experienced also sympathy in Iran. A man ran in the street behind me in Tehran, said he wants to have contact with me, gave his email and phone number, said he would be pleased to help me when I need something. In Shiraz: I paid for my dinner in the restaurant and came to the street. A man and a woman were standing there (apparently waiting for me to come out of the restaurant). The woman said (in English): ‘Can we help you?’. I said in Farsi: I am Iranian (‘man Iraniam’). We talked short_ nice couple. They took me then with their car to my hotel (not Atlas), it was my first time in Shiraz. In the airport in Tehran I experienced especial kindness, also in some banks: the chief of the branch felt his duty to complete the paperwork (filling out the forms) by himself…
  • *
  • Tow times I was arrested in Tehran (short minutes). The first one because of my hood in the cold winter. The soldier with machine gun let me go after short minutes. The second time, it was about two years thereafter. I had my flight late evening, didn’t want to pay one night more by staying longer than 2PM in the hotel. After spending a few hours in the Laleh park with my back bag, I wanted to leave the park and get taxi to the airport. 20 meters before the exit of the park a man approached me, said he has a place for me! ‘What do you think who am I’? (‘Fekr mikoni man kiam’?), he said, and took my arm. I said ‘you are secret police’, saw a police van, for transporting prisoners standing right outside of the park (to bring me to the place he had for me!). I tried to free my arm as suddenly out of nowhere appeared an uniformed police officer (or was he an army officer I couldn’t recognize), and said aggressively ‘Where did you learn English?’. I understood the reason. I was sitting in the park the day before, reading an English language newspaper, bought in the kiosk outside the park (there are a few Iranian newspapers in English, no foreign newspapers available. You buy newspaper in the Kiosk and the police van beside the Kiosk brings you to prison). I showed them my birth certificate, said loud: ‘Shoma be in mamlekat khedmat nemikonid. Shoma be in mamlekat khianat mikonid’ (You don’t serve this country. You betray this country). They left me and I left the park, took taxi to the airport.
  • *
  • I wanted to get three packages food supplements from a pharmacy in Shiraz. They refused, gave me only one. The same day MV’s brother, Mohamad, a car dealer, was in Atlas hotel, went to the same pharmacy and could get, as I wanted, two more packages. Mohamad got also some Euros for me. Suggested by MV, I give him 50,000 Tomans.
  • I had rented in Sepidan, near Shiraz, a tiny room in a primitive small house, came back to Greece to give up my place here and move to Iran. MV wrote in an email that the owner had moved into the room I had rented. There were many problems I got aware of only much later which cannot be discussed here at length. It turned out to be an illusion to think I am Iranian and can simply settle down anywhere in Iran. MV wanted to know what to do. I replied ‘do nothing until I come back’. Back in Shiraz, MV and her brother took me with their car to Sepidan to cancel the rent. Endless speaking, mainly between the estate agent (owner’s nephew, who had increased the rent 100,000 Tomans) and MV. With loss of some hundred thousands Tomans I happily got rid of it_ certainly not possible for me to do it alone. MV said ‘Inha hameshan dozdand’ (they are all thievess). I gave MV and her brother 100,000 Tomans for the job.
  • IranAir had to pay me 450,000 Tomans. With MV I was there. IranAir said it takes 6 months, I agreed, wanted to give my account number. IranAir didn’t want, suggested to give it directly to MV. I agreed. After about one year I was again in Atlas hotel, I asked MV: ‘Didn’t they pay?’. She said ‘yes’, she informed me by email, which I didn’t receive ((email doesn’t work always in Iran. My webpage is also not available there. My request, even for an appointment in music department of Talar Vahdat, Tehran, had been denied. Parallels: ‘… your score evidently was not seen’; ‘total roadblock… because he is Iranian… Schimi’s ancestral background’ (We-the-Team). SiteTool: ‘blank pages’. Ö Zusatz 2: ‘… unvergleichliche… Geschlossenheit’, also in ÖKS: ‘kein… Außen mehr’. Vgl. Khatami, Papst: ‘Gemeinsamkeit’)).
  • From that money, I said, 50,000 is wedding present for her brother, and 100,000 for herself. She put then 300,000 as my payment to Atlas hotel.
  • So far my connection to MV_,

feel insecure to go alone to Sarafi, give a check over 10 million Tomans. In Shiraz some years ago I asked MV to accompany me to Sarafi, I paid her 50,000 Tomans for it. Also this time March 1, paid her the same amount (Irancheck).

  • We went first somewhere she had to get her eyes examined to renew her driving license (very crowded place). Then we went to my bank, I withdrew 2 million Tomans cash and got a check for the Sarafi to get Euros. MV mentioned Sarafi ‘Zand’_ I don’t know the city.

While going to the bank_

  • A vendor was selling scarves. MV wanted to buy one, asked the man for a larger one. We waited until he went to a nearby shop and brought a larger one. MV said she had no money on her (‘pul hemram nist’). ‘No problem’, I said and paid: ‘My cadeau for today’_

and from bank to Sarafi, MV took my hand in hers. Two times, for long time, she grasped firmly four fingers of mine, without thumb, in her fist, in a way that my second and fifth finger were tightly pressed to each other, almost painful, molding a thick finger out of four…

Surrogate… (poor woman!).

It is touch and un-Islamic_ with or without thumb. Strange, for MV is religious, with daily religious rituals (Namaz).

  • ‘Nicht die Werke machen uns gerecht…, sondern der Glaube [Unbedingte Unterwerfung. Glauben = Ideologie, Rationalisieren, ‘misrecognition, ignorance’, Betrug, ‘Zuversicht, Treue, Vertrauen… nicht, eine Behauptung für wahr halten’_ behind it nackte Gewalt: ‘Feuer und Schwert’]’ (File Österreichs katholischer Staat: ÖKS). Ich stehe auf der Seite der Werke. ‘All acts ought to be judged by their effects’ (ibid).

Near Sarafi she let my hand free and we entered the Sarafi_ no customers were there.

MV went straight to the calculator on the table and calculated according to the check from the bank.

  • I got horrified to see Euro over 4000 Tomans, said: ‘Khunrizi’ (hemorrhage, bleeding), ‘seven hundred up in the last few months’. MV didn’t react to it, as if I had said nothing and she had heard nothing.
  • On the way from bank to Sarafi I said my scores and material for orchestras were stolen in Greece_ no reaction from her. She has been this time, after long time I was not in Shiraz, conspicuously quiet, and never before she took my hand in hers, only this time. Some years ago as I went with her to Sarafi, she was merely onlooker. The Sarafi examined the check, calculated and announced the amount of Euros which was given to me.

The Sarafi man brought the Euros to MV. She counted and gave them to me. Everything was done in haste. Outside Sarafi she said she had no time and left. Next day, Thursday, was holiday, then Friday (usual holiday: Iranian Sunday), then Saturday [MV had no time) and Sunday (March 5) I had my return ticket.

MV’s rapacity (initiated with ‘Dusset daram’) does not stop here. Further plans are in store for me. She went to Hotel Atlas, to Farzaneh, a lady receptionist, her previous colleague, as she worked there before, asked Farzaneh to find out about my income[2] and if I own a house in Greece [I live in Greece in a rented tiny room with very much hatred of the current]. Many years ago I was told in Iran: smallest contact with a woman can come to the point that the man is forced to marry her… I don’t know how really it works.

  • Katholische Republik. ‘Eine 50-Schilling-für-Zigaretten-Frau’ (File SiteTool). ‘Kupplerstaat’. ‘Vermählungsarbeit… zum Aufrechterhalten… des ‘ohnmächtigen Lochs’ (File Austrian psychiatrist Dr. Wolfgang Berner). ‘Und ich will Feindschaft setzen zwischen dir und dem Weibe [‘der Todestrieb lebende Strukturen zu trennen und zu desintegrieren sucht’ (ÖKS)]’. ‘Divide et Impera’. Religion als ‘Herrschaftstechnik’. Gott, Heiligkeit, politische Plattform in ‘den Gemütern’ (File Christianisierung in drei Stufen), Tiefenpolitik. Sacred as euphemism for violence is an extroversion of the death instinct that ‘lebende Strukturen zu trennen und zu desintegrieren sucht’. ‘Violence and the sacred are inseparable’_ zwei Seiten einer und derselen Hintern-Gesicht-Medaille. Der lächelnde Hintern und das Tabugesicht als Epizentrum des Verbrechens. Die ‘auf Zerstörung ausgerichtet[e]’ anale Libido. ‘Mordlust des heiligen Vaters’. ‘Gott als die Ideologie der Gewalt’. ‘Kriminelles Handeln, das sich im Mantel einer offiziellen Identität verbirgt, braucht… eine autoritäre Ideologie [in letzter Instanz Gott-Ideologie]…, um die Mordlust vor sich selbst zu verbergen’. ‘Du, göttlich krimineller Geist… Du, Verbrecherstaat katholischer Prägung’ (ÖKS).

Du wolltest mein ‘Vermögen’ pfänden’; ‘verlor schließlich den Rest meiner Sachen und meine… Wohnung’ (ÖKS). Parallel case: Du, ‘563’ Euros, liebäugelst mit meinem ‘Einkommen’ und meinem ‘Haus’ in Griechenland.


Since 10 years (now 2017) I am permanent resident in Greece_ experienced the utmost brutality, sadism, destructivity of the Greek underground state as the inner kernel of the full-fledged Christian state, embedded in the criminal intelligence services of the European Union [‘geheimdienstlich kriminelle Vereinigung der Europäischen Union als ‘something like fascism’ (webpage)], committing the specific Christian criminality [Christentum ‘für die alltägliche Politik’ (webpage): Christianity for the daily politics] in the sphere of the holy taboo-face of the God of the Bible, the epicenter of violence, sanctioned by law_ that is exclusion of judiciary to investigate: Unwitting drugging (c.f. e.g. file ‘EU-GR Colored Sweat’), theft_

  • inter alia scores and material for orchestras. C.f. from ‘Schirmer, MEMORANDUM, July 9, 1980’ in the file ‘Kanzlerin Merkels Propaganda’. C.f. in the file SiteTool from: ‘Your Excellency Madam Prosecutor’. C.f. ‘blank pages’, ‘blank mind’ (ibid).  The Greek state can boast about to be the first country to have destroyed (burned?) scores and material for orchestras. Extreme sadism_ ‘Sadismus des Herrn’, ‘Gipfelpunkt des Sadismus und Verbrechens’ (file ‘SiteTool’)_ and criminality. The Christian Arab ‘Dimitris… Tzafaras’ (file ‘We-the-Team’. See his picture there), who hates Islam and Iran was the right secret agent to be set on me. ‘You and your colleagues sit on the material you have stolen and masturbate to death’…, ‘Schwein…’, fügte ich hinzu, und versetzte ihm einen rechten Haken. Er fiel zu Boden’… ‘I landed a blow on his jaw’ (2004-2009+, ‘Court September 02 2010’). C.f. further files: ‘Martin Schulz’, ‘Israel-Piräus’, ‘GoGoogle’, ‘New York, Zürich, Warsaw’, ‘Destructiion of the past’, ‘Devil as the God of the Bible’_,

imprisoned (two times in court), ‘was photographed…, extensively fingerprinted’, handcuffed to the iron chair, observations, break-ins, psycho terrors (2004-2009+), Pitbull-Attack: ‘police must know this dog’ (file EU-GR Pit Bull Attack). See also file ‘EU-GR Balcony naked’.


We have on the one hand Iran-Shiraz-MV, on the other hand Greece-Naxos-Pitbull. Common denominator is the concocted scheme: MV-Robbery and Pitbull-Attack_

  • Pitbull is educated at police organization to bite leg. Appropriate education received MV to rob money_,

organized power (crime) behind both.

This robbing by this woman, furthermore, an act of revenge, complies, mutatis mutandis, with splashing acid by some Iranian men into the face of those women who had rejected them. There is however in the case of MV the privilege of being fostered by the authority, providing compensation for certain repression.


The case of MV is not a case of private individual like for example ‘Where is your sister’, ‘wrongly counted one night more’, the teller gives one Irancheck less. It is the case of higher authority, jumping on the sadist-destructive bandwagon of the ‘Domestic State Terrorism’ (webpage).


Tehran, August 8 2017. The bizarre behaviors in the restaurant P. and in the hotel A.K.

  • [Parallel case: ‘In jedesm EU-Land, wo ich ankomme, warten bereits…’, ‘absolute barriers’, ‘Information-Terrorismus’  (File Marti Schulz). ‘Gemeinsamkeiten'[fnt 7] ohne Grenzen]

are the result of the westernization of the Iranian Islam.

  • I am asking you, dear ‘Vatan’, to reconsider your attitude towards me_ thoroughly mistaken!

Der Staat hat die Herren im Restaurant und im Hotel angewiesen, mich zu misshandeln und beleidigen[3])_ und ich wurde misshandelt und beleidigt [4].

  • State sponsored ostracism. ‘Harassing’, ‘planned destructiveness’, pinpoint destructivity. C.f. EU-GR files.

Vor dem Hintergrund, dass nur durch die ‘Vernichtung des anderen… gelangt der Mensch zur Mitgliedschaft im modernen Staat’ (File EU-GR Inkognito), hat man zwei Möglichkeiten: ‘Vernichtung des anderen’ oder Verlust der ‘Mitgliedschaft’.

Auserwählt durch direkten Kontakt von oben haben sich die Herren für die erste Option entschieden. Sie identifizieren sich nun mit den Herrschenden, sind Insider geworden, und mit dem Freisetzen der sonst gehemmten aggressiven Impulse haben sie ein kathartisches Erlebnis. [5]


Mistreatment as punishment I received in the restaurant and hotel in Tehran is the verdict of the ‘secret judges’ (there is a ministry for it), who, in the case of MV-Sarafi-Shiraz against me, identified the guilty party.

  • I am being blamed for the molded ‘thick finger’, for receiving ‘563’ Euros less, further in the background, for receiving one Irancheck less, being asked where is my sister and so on. It’s me! I have provoked…, I am the culprit!
  • … being blamed for and sentenced because of ‘Verfälschungsarbeit’, ‘Vermählungsarbeit’, of the ‘Naziverbrecher Krommer’ (ÖKS). It’s me!, the problem comes from me, and in the case of ‘Schirmer’ New York, from my ‘ancestral background’ (File New York, Zu?rich, Warsaw). C.f. (File Säpo: Delusion, criminal impulses and imbecility): ‘My crime has been to have elicited the destructive impulses of the Swedish and German underground states’. C.f. also ‘Diebstahl in Dänemark und Griechenland, ‘ammonia smell of the underarms sweat…, underarms’ colored sweat (File Kanzlerin Merkels Propaganda). EU-GR fliles, disappearance of my scores and pants. Åse Persson, Oliver Steyer_ all my faults!

It is corresponding to the EU-policy, ‘absolute barriers on all those from outside Europe [here absolute barriers on those who are regarded as persona non grata (email funktioniert nicht immer, appointment denied in Talar Vahdat, webpge is banned from Internet)]…, backed up by internal security forces’ (file Martin Schulz). Here, by direct instructions (‘Anweisung’) from up: Private individuals are set against one private individual. In the moment those private individuals decide for ‘Vernichtung des anderen’, they are turned into ‘internal security forces’ with psycho-terror, sadist and destructive acts.


  • Gott als seelisches Virus ist wie trematode im Gehirn der Ameise (c.f. around ‘the sheep liver trematode’ in the file Hors d’oeuvre).

In einem diplomatisch-religiösen Annäherungsversuch besuchte Präsident Khatami den Papst im Vatikan_

  • errichtet von dem Faschisten und Atheisten Benito Mussolini[6], der den heiligen Vater dort hineinsetzte_ die weitere Entwicklung ist ‘clerico-fascism’, ‘attraction of fascism to… particularly Catholic priests’ (ÖKS).

Khatami machte auf die Gottorientierung als die Gemeinsamkeit der beiden großen Religionen aufmerksam.

  • ‘The god of the Bible… is pleased with carnage’ (ÖKS). ‘Mordlust des heiligen Vaters’. ‘Violence and the sacred are inseparable’.

Entzückt von der Heiligkeit des Papsts und des Vatikans und von der Gemeinsamkeit [7] geriet einer im Khatamis Gefolge aus dem Häuschen und küsste plötzlch den Papst [8].

Die destruktiven Handlungen des modernen iranischen Islams in Schiras und Teheran mir gegenüber stellen unmissverständlich ihre ‘Gemeinsamkeit’ mit den in der Webpage beschriebenen destruktiven Handlungen der christlichen Welt mir gegenüber unter Beweis.

Kill me! You are killing me already! Don’t miss the honor of giving me a coup de grâce! Evakuierung des Todestriebs als des Anbetungsphantoms in den Himmel. ‘Excrement becomes aliment’ (Devil as the God of the Bible). ‘Die kriminellste Seite des Staates ist seine göttliche Seite’_ ‘zu seiner Ehre, zu seinem Ruhme’ (ÖKS).

  • Es ist die von herrschsüchtig-ausbeuterisch-sadistischem Geist, mit hochprozentigem Todestrieb, geschaffene Herrschaft und das Phantom, der himmlische Gott, als deren Ideologie. ‘Gott als die Ideologie der Gewalt’ (ÖKS).

Nicht nur: Cogito ergo sum. Sondern auch: Ich teile mit, also bin ich (1980-2004, 2004-2009+).


Greek people like me. Innumerable examples up and down the country. Since over 50 years I come to Greece. I arrive with train, bus, ship, or airplane, and feel immediately at home. No language problem… Only a few words and that’s it_ integrated, feel good. They just like me and express it. The most extreme example: In a supermarket (Naxos, 2016) a lady in her forties brought me a package of sweets. I thanked and kissed her shoulder_ never before had seen her. In Athens in the shops where you get Greek sandwich (spinach with cheese) and sweets: They give me often extra presents. As I once wanted to pay for it the lady got very angry. In a shop in noth Athens I was just paying for things I ate, as the owner arrived in the shop. I said good atmosphere in your shop, the lady has been very kind (poli kali, orea). He started to make jokes… ‘Are you in love with her?’. He refused to take money. ‘Not possible’, I said. He took then one Euro from the money I had put on the table… Well, I could finally pay the full price. A few years ago I had severe health problems. In the hospital in Athens I paid in the reception for a complicated examination, went to the first floor. The lady doctor received me most kindly, did preliminary clinical examinations. Three doctors joined, questioning me about my troubles, long conversation, then the essential examination. Thereafter they started to do extra examinations. I said I go downstairs to pay for them. No, they said… With the lady doctor I had a few times email-correspondence, asking her questions and received instructions. In connection with ‘Colored Sweat’ (webpage) and related severe heart problem I was in another hospital in Athens. They asked for insurance. I don’t have insurance. They charged nothing and treated me kindly. In south Crete I have been a few times in a restaurant (many years ago). As I was there again after 2 or 3 years, I was, to my surprise, greeted by the owner of the restaurant, a lady who speaks also English, German and French. In the middle of my eating the waiter brought a new dish I had not ordered: ‘Present from the cook’, he said. It was clear from whom… Cook and I had never seen each other. In a camping in Crete, I took a large plastic bag and cleaned the beach in front of the camping. In its small restaurant I received then extra food. The lady owner liked me anyway very much. But I left the camping much earlier than planned because a man working there complained, not politely, I was swimming naked.


Shiraz: Two private doctors, both educated in the US, one man and one woman, the most horrible persons I have ever met, esp. the woman_ morally most wicked. I have forgotten their names (MV who found the address of that woman had forgotten her name too). It was because of ‘Colored Sweat’ and heart problem: NON-EXISTENT!!!

  • These two doctors enjoy (suffer from) socially standard paranoia_ ‘Healthy mind, healthy psyche, are defined as having a blindness to the concrete realities of repression, deception, sadism, exploitation, destruction, perpetrated by the ruling power’ (Justizstallungen)_, ‘negarive paranoia’: it is not there when in reality it is there (opposite to the positive paranoia: it is there when it is in reality not there)_ heritage of the cruel, cannibal face of the God of the Bible with the penalty of death if seen and culturally firmly rooted (related: ‘… don’t investigate your own atrocities’ (file Viviane Reding). ‘Wenn du das Vorhandensein gewisser Erfahrungen nicht leugnest, gehörst du nicht zu uns’ (Erich Fromm): If you don’t deny certain realities you don’t belong to us. C.f. ‘negarive paranoia’

I was then in the large hospital there, the lady doctor, educated in Iran, was kind, said you need bacteriological tests that cannot be done in Iran, try it in Germany.

[2]’Money = visible God’. ‘Money complex, religious complex’ (File ‘Devil as the God of the Bible’). ‘… money complex is… the heir to and substitute for the religious complex, an attempt to find God in things…, and things are bought with money as visible god’ (Wiener Justizstallungen als die Umsetzungsstätte des animalischen Triebs ins Göttliche).

[3]Restaurant. After finishing my food I didn’t ask the waiter for the bill, went directly to the lady cahier, said, ‘I am short of Iranian money’, gave a twenty euro banknote as deposit, ‘I come tomorrow to pay the bill in rial’. The man behind her, usually not visible, intervened, said ‘not necessary to deposit’. He knows me since 15 years I come to this restaurant. I said it is extremely friendly from you, but perhaps I die tonight. He refused again and I insisted again… He took then the euro banknote from the lady. I thanked and left.

Next day. After finishing my food I asked the waiter for the bill and paid him. I went then to the lady cashier, the man behind her came, I paid him the bill of yesterday, received the deposited euro banknote from him, thanked for the kindness and left.

Two days thereafter. I finished my food, asked the waiter for the bill. He said I should go to the cashier.

I went there. The man was already standing behind the lady who was sitting at her cashier table. I stood in front of her and gave the man a 100,000 toman banknote.

He stretched his arm, shaking the bill and the banknote in the air over the head of the lady cashier, complaining that a corner of the banknote was worn out, said: ‘this is what the sarafi gave you’. ‘That’s no problem’, I said. He took from the cashier table some money, reducing apparently the amount of the bill from 100,000 tomans, didn’t give me the bill, pushed then the crumpled banknotes in his fist into my hand and said ‘negah kon’ (look).

  • In Farsi, like in German, there is a difference between speaking politely or speaking to relatives and friends. The polite way the man didn’t use is ‘negah konid’_,

The lady cashier, I saw her face, was in a state of shock. I said ‘negah nemikonam’ (won’t look), pushed the crumpled banknotes into my pocket and left.


Hotel. I came 5 o’clock in the morning with taxi to the hotel and was received kindly in the reception. The taxi driver asked more money than it was arranged. I refused to pay. As he became violent the receptionist started to write something on a paper, gave it to the taxi driver to sign, and gave him the more money he wanted. He gave me then the room until next day 14 o’clock for one night payment only.

In my staying there the hotel employees expressed verbally or by gesture their sympathy for me. I liked the atmosphere there too.

On the day of my departure I had to call a respected and dear friend at 4 p.m. to fix an appointment late afternoon. My flight was early in the morning next day,

The telephone in my hotel room was blocked, unable to call to outside. I called the receptionist. He didn’t want to say why my telephone was blocked. He asked for the name and telephone number of the person I wanted to call, said he’ll call him and connect it to me. After 10 minutes I called him again to know if he could reach my friend. No answer from him. I tried again and again, no answer. It took long until I could reach him. He said that number didn’t answer.

I asked the receptionist to order a taxi at 11.30 p.m. to the airport. ‘Destination’ (maghsade parvas)?, he asked. I said it has nothing to do with taxi.

In that area there is in the daytime not much traffic. In the night there are almost no people in the street and little traffic.

I came 11.30 p.m. with my luggage to the reception. No taxi there. A young guy from the hotel came to me and said wait here. He left the hotel, came back, said your taxi to the airport… He knew apparently the taxi driver personally.

[4]’Guten Appetit’ im Restaurant und ‘guten Schlaf’ im Hotel wünscht Ihnen der moderne Staat.

[5]Ö Zusatz 2: ‘… eine Versuchung, seine Aggression an ihm zu befriedigen…, ihn zu demütigen, ihm Schmerzen zu bereiten…, wenn die seelischen Gegenkräfte, die sie sonst hemmen, weggefallen sind’_ hier durch die Anweisung.

  • ‘Der Mensch ist ohnedies bereit genug, seinen Mitmenschen zu unterdrücken und auszuplündern, und wenn ihn seine religiösen Ratgeber lehren, daß Gerchtigkeit und Menschlichkeit Sünden wider Gott seien, werden Beraubung und Unterdrückung zu den Pflichten, die sich am leichtesten erfüllen lassen’ (ÖKS).
  • ‘Es ist der spezifische chistliche Geist, der an die destruktivsten Züge des menschlischen Seins appelliert, sie heraufbeschwört und… sanktioniert’. ‘Theology has encouraged man’s natural savagery [‘extremes of savagery… in the Bible’]’. ‘Violence is the heart and secret soul of the sacred’ (Ö Zusatz 2).

C.f. further there (Ö Zusatz 2) in the main text: ‘cathartic’.

Der Staat ‘rechtfertigt das Gewissen, gewissenlos zu sein’. ‘Das sittliche Recht im Staate [ist] nur die Ausführung dessen…, was das Grundprinzip der Religion ausmacht’. Und das Grundprinzip der Religion ist ‘Abstraktion… von den sittlichen Banden’ (ÖKS).

[6]’… wie der nicht Christ, der ‘Skrupellose[] Konstantin…, who ordered the building of the Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem’. Es ist der ‘auf der jüdischen Gehorsamsethik’ aufgebaute[] ‘Christenglauben’ (Hors d’oevre), dessen sich ‘Kanzlerin Merkel ‘für die alltägliche Politik’ bedient und in der EU als ‘something like fascism’, als ‘geheimdienstlich kriminelle Vereinigung’, durch ‘internal security forces’ (as the embodiment of the divine taboo-face), as ‘something like Gestapo’ (File Martin Schulz), umgesetzt wird. Religion als Herrschaftstechnik und die Gemeinsamkeit der Herrschaftstechnik, ‘state sponsored ostracism’, in my dear ‘Vatan’.

[7]Die beiden Herren fanden ‘Gemeinsamkeiten in einigen moralischen Fragen’ (Internet, Kathpress, 10.4.99: ‘Khatami für Dialog der Religionen’).

  • Dialog der Götter. Universal Declaration of the Sacred and Violence_ ‘Prinzip ‘des Glaubens… Greuel von Feuer und Schwert’ (Horkkeimer/Adorno)_, Gott gegen Mensch. ‘Staat gegen Volk’ (W. Reich). Todestrieb gegen Lebenstrieb. “History of anlaity”. “Identity of the Devil as death instinct and the Devil as anality”. “The identity of God and the Devil” (Brown, pp 207, 226, 301).

ÖKS: ‘… christliche Religion [‘Abstraktion… von den sittlichen Banden’]… Hauptfeind des moralischen Fortschritts’. Ö Zusatz 4: ‘Das Christentum brachte Wahn und Verbrechen’. ÖKS: ‘… katholische Kirche… die größte Verbrecherorganisation der Weltgeschichte…, Millionen unglückseliger Frauen als Hexen verbrannt’.  ‘… destroy them, and put their property under ban. Spare no one; put them all to death, men and women, children and babes in arms…, save alive nothing that breatheth’. ‘Gott als Gegensein_ Todestrieb, heiliges Verbrechen’ (ÖKS)_ als ‘extroversion of the death instinct’. Vgl. ‘Die menschlichen Wurzeln… der Gottheit

  • [‘Je größer und ragender ich Gott mache, desto größer und ragender bin ich selbst’ (ÖKS)_ ‘Herrschaftstechnik’]…

Theology [did not] create cruel impulses, but [gave] them the sanction of… a lofty ethic’ (Ö Zusatz 2). ‘Gott [‘cruel’, ‘cannibal’, ‘pleased with carnage’] ist Liebe’ (Stop Deception You Bastard).

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  • ‘Der Vergleich ist das einzig taugliche Mittel, um zum Verständnis der Dinge zu gelangen’ (Emile Durkheim).

Die katholische Republik schützt die ’50-Schilling-für-Zigaretten-Frau’ durch ‘Naziverbrecher Krommer’, der ‘nicht nur Verfälschungsarbeit’, sondern auch ‘Vermählungsarbeit’ leistet, und die islamische Republik schützt MV, die durch ‘molding a thick finger’ eine Do-it-by-yourself-‘Vermählungsarbeit’ leistet_

  • verleihen den beiden Frauen den ‘nonsacrificeable’-Status versus ‘sacrificial victim’ (ÖKS)_,

weisen auf die ‘moralischen’… ‘Gemeinsamkeiten’ beider Republiken hin:  Unterdrückung der Frau, Klassengesellschaft, gottgewollte soziale Unterschiede. Vgl. ‘Women’s oppression as a product of class society… instrumental in maintaining…’ (ibd).

Die katholische Republik hat mich an den Rand des Todes gebracht.

  • ‘Sozialer Tod ist nicht genug. Ziel ist, das Herz zu stoppen’ (ÖKS).

Die Ostrazismus-Praxis der islamischen Republik bewegt sich in die gleiche Richtung.

  • ‘Violence and the sacred… inseparable’.

Vgl.: Seit über 40 Jahren (jetzt 2018) mit mehr oder weniger Intensität in der Hölle der christlichen Staaten_ Griechenland als ‘Gipfelpnkt des Sadismus und Verbrechens’ (SiteTool). ‘No human being thus devoted may be redeemed, but he shall be put to death’ (ÖKS).

[8]”At the end of the two leaders’ talks… one of the three clerics accompanying Khatami… kissed the pope on both cheeks” (Internet).