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EU-GR Inkognito

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Your devilish ‘I come tomorrow, I come tomorrow, I come tomorrow’, and your obscene-impudent telephone call to Iranian embassy in Athens, as ‘guardianship’!

  • From your email, July 2016: ‘I cannot take responsability for another person especially when the person has come of age a long time (which means that does not need the guardianship of somebody else as this person is throughout all able to care for himselve)… As you know I have my job and also I have a daughter and a husband and in Greece that meens increased obligations.’
  • 07/13/16 at 10:29 AM (2016)Hello Iraj

    I just had a telephone contact with Mr. Mohamadi…

Into the category of ‘guardianship’ falls also your ‘itch’ to know the name of a woman in a German company, from which I had received  food supplements and some devices for kitchen some years ago!!!



From my email of 07/12/16: ‘Provocation is the principle of the secret police and those manipulated by secret police’.

  • Nur über die Beteiligung an der rituellen Vernichtung des anderen… gelangt der Mensch zur Mitgliedschaft im modernen Staat (Thomas S. Szasz).

Comrade of the Arab ‘Dimitris (von Naxos) Tzafaras’ (file We-the-Team), with the same task and function.

From your email of Nov 30 2016: ‘I had the feeling that this phone call was not directed at me.’

  • I had to call somebody, dialed wrong number, your number. You did not say you were on the phone!_ the kind of your enjoyment, causing confusion…

After two days I received a telephone call in the morning. A man with aggressive, threatening voice spoke uninterrupted. I didn’t understand a word and hanged up. Immediately he called again… I hanged up.…, until late afternoon over 15 times ringing before I left for a jog, where I was observed… My interpretation: Out of your penchant for obscurantism (as I know!), you made stories, divorced from reality_ got a thrill by omission, distortion, and boosting your connection to the authority…

From my email of Dec 8 2016: ‘I know already since over three years your tactics. Among others: omission for the sake of distortion_ and your connections to the authorities!’