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Destruction of the past

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Destruction of the passt

Eric Hobsbawm (Age of Extremes, page 3) weist auf den Verlust des historischen Gedächtnisses, “the historical memory”, being “no longer alive… The destruction of the past, or rather of the social mechanisms that link one’s contemporary experience to that of earlier generations, is one of the most characteristic and eerie phenomenon of the late twentieth century. Most young men and women at the century’s end grow up in a sort of permanent present lacking any organic relation to the public past of the times they live in”.

The chilling resemblance of the achievements of the normalizing society_

It is what Marx called the ‘imbecility which hold those infected by it… robs them of all sense, all memory, all understanding of the rude external world’ (Cited in Maurice Cornforth: The open philosophy and the open society, page 213) _,

bringing its subjects under the sway of the reality-principle and pulling them by ‘the destruction of the past’ into ‘permanent present’, with those violent acts of ‘depatterning program’: ‘complete amnesia for all events in… life’, living in the ‘immediate present’, makes us dizzy[1].

John Marks (The CIA and Mind Control, pp 135-136): “Cameron wrote that his typical depatterning patient_ usually a woman_ moved through three distinct stages

[[Cameron had a ‘box’ built in the converted stables behind the hospital”. The CIA “sent the psychiatrist research money” to produce a “blank mind”. The Agency wanted also to know whether “he could then program in new patterns of behavior, as he claimed he could”.

Cameron’s depatterning program: The patient received, as it was dubbed, ‘sleep cocktail’. “A staff member woke up the patient three times a day for medication…. Another staff doctor would also awaken the patient two or sometimes three times daily for electroshock treatments… The frequent screams of patients that echoed through the hospital did not deter Cameron or most of his associates in their attempts to ‘depattern’ their subjects completely… Sometimes patients would try to escape when the sedatives wore thin, and the staff would have to chase after them…

Lauren G’s husband delivered her to Cameron… The husband had no way of knowing that Cameron… intended to ‘depattern’ her. Nor did he realize that the CIA was supporting his work”. Lauren believed that her “mental condition… resulted directly from her miserable marriage… Needless to say, Lauren G. does not recall a thing today about those weeks when Cameron depatterned her”.

“In connection with the birth of the psychiatric institute… Foucault demonstrates… (the) institutional ordinance preparing the patient to be an object of continuous supervision, manipulation, isolation, and regulation, and especially the object of medical research” (Jürgen Habermas: The philosophical discourse of modernity, page 246)]].

In the first the subject lost much of her memory… In the second phase, she lost her ‘space-time image’, but still wanted to remember. In fact, not beeing able to answer questions like, ‘Where am I?’ and ‘How did I get here?’ caused her considerable anxiety. In the third stage, all that anxiety disappeared… Hence, what the patient talks about are only his sensations of the moment, and he talks about them almost exclusively in highly concrete terms… He lives in the immediate present… There is complete amnesia for all events in his life”.

[1]A und M Mitscherlich (Eine deutsche Art zu lieben, Seite 46) verweisen auf die kollektive “Verleugnung der Vergangenheit”.


‘Die Psychologie…, die Psychoanalyse und die Psychiatrie… mächtige[] Instrumente[] der Unterdrückung’ (File Austrian psychiatrist Dr. Wolfgang Berner).


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Collaboration on my destruction with colleagues (Krommer-Lacom-Wolf) in the ‘staatllch kriminellem We-the-Team’ (ibd), embedded in the EU-‘Geheimdienstlich kriminelle Vereinigung’ (File), amounting eventually to my ‘social-death’. Vgl. ‘Sozialer Tod ist nicht genug. Ziel ist, das Herz zu stoppen [‘jeden Augenblick könnte ich sterben’…]’… Denmark: ‘ammonia’; Greece: ‘colored Sweat’ (File Kanzlerin Merkels Propaganda). Further: destruction of my scores and material for orchestra in Greece as ‘Destruction of the past’. Vgl. ‘When I in fantasy turn pages in my scores, there are only blank pages’ (SiteTool).

‘Leugnen Sie weiter… in der katholischen Wiege’ (Ö Zusatz 3).

“WOLFGANG BERNER, M.D., is Professor of Psychiatry… He served as president of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society from 1984 to 1993” (Internet).

In der CIA-Wiege. “D. Ewen Cameron was elected president of the American Psychiatric Association in 1953, and he became the first president of the world psychiatric Association” (Marks, page 132): ‘blank mind…, complete amnesia for all events in… life’.