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Paroxysm New York Zürich Naxos

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Paroxysm New York Zürich Naxos

From the file: EU-State:

‘Compare (file: Radio Bremen):

‘Margaret Bergmann [a Jewish athlete]… was not allowed to compete because she was a Jew in Nazi Germany’


‘Because he is Iranian… Schimi’s ancestral background’

‘The difference is between explicit fascism and the current one’: ‘Something like fascism’.

See in file 1980-2004: ‘Because of the manipulation of the administration… my submitted score to a competition in Switzerland, World Music Days (ISCM, 1991), did not reach the jury. A jury member wrote…: ‘That your score evidently was not seen… is shocking’ (c.f. also file ‘New York, Zürich [Uitti], Warsaw’).

Stealing (destruction of) my music scores in Greece (Naxos) is only paroxysm of the above development: New York, Zürich, Naxos.’


Vgl., u.a., File: ‘Colored Sweat’. ‘Hose’. ‘UPS’. ‘EU Pit Bull Attack’. ‘EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding’. ‘Geheimdienstlich kriminelle Vereinigung’. In the file ‘EU-State’: ‘ammonia smell of the underarms sweat: severe extrasystoles’; ‘underarms’ colored sweat: severe heart failure’.

Im File ‘Kanzlerin Merkels Propaganda’: ‘Zerstörung der Träger des Sauerstoffs’; ‘Ammoniak an Hypothalamus’; ‘Sozialer Tod ist nicht genug. Ziel ist; das Herz zu stoppen [‘jeden Augenblick könnte ich sterben’]’; ‘data in which I am imprisoned’; ‘In the last days of April 2013 (Greece; Naxos) a bunch of music scores (orchestra and chamber music)… and a suitcase; containing material for two orchestral works of mine + some scores disappeared… In May I moved two times to other places. The present apartment since June is the third one. November 10 2013: I open the door of the closet. I see the stolen suitcase in front of me: Empty’; ‘the political use of such technologies to disguise the level of violence being deployed by state security forces’; ‘fun, fun, fun’; ‘Alles im Sinne Kanzlerin Merkels ‘Christentum[] für die alltägliche Politik’_ im Sinne des politisch unverzichtbaren Gottestabugesichts’.