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EU-GR Pit Bull Attack

Friday, May 28th, 2010

EU-GR Pit Bull Attack

Heinrich Himmler “told the SS to train dogs that could “rip people apart” at Auschwitz” (Yahoo News Aug 02 2016).

Pit Bull Naxos

May 25 2014, St. George Beach, Naxos, 13.30 o’clock_ about the end of the beach on its east side, nobody in that area.

After 20 minutes swimming I was approaching the beach, my bag covered with a white towel a few meters away from water. I usually don’t take sun there. I only swim.

At once I see two Greek ladies in their thirties with two dogs coming from the west side toward me. They had no bags, nothing in the hand, stopped only a few meters away from my bag: 150 meters empty space to the end of the beach on the east side and about one kilometer empty space on the west side_nobody there. The crowd was on the west side, adjacent to the street.

A small playing dog belonged to one lady and a big one belonging to the other lady, who let it_

Pit bull: ‘strong, aggressive dog’ (dictionary)_

loose on me as I was just coming out of water. The dog started immediately to attack me. About one minute or so the ladies did nothing to stop it.

As the dog bit my leg and blood was running the lady owner called it and the dog, highly trained and disciplined, left me, lying then in front of her on the sand and she began to caress its abdomen.

The ladies did not react at all as I showed them the wound.

I cleaned the wound, put on clothes and as I was leaving the place the dog was still lying there being tenderly caressed.


By leaving the beach I noticed that a Greek man was following me_ teamed apparently with the ladies with the task of monitoring the process of attack from afar and its follow-up, my behavior thereafter.


This paper is already submitted to the prosecutor here in Naxos. I went also to the police to lodge a complaint. They wanted to have the text in Greek, which I gave them after a few days. The officer, standing outside the office, read it. I said ‘police must know this dog.’ An ‘audible’ silence followed. Then he mentioned the small dog, ‘what color?’, wanted to know if the ladies were blond, tall or short, thin or fat. A young officer there said the complaint costs 100 Euro. ‘It’s the law.’ I thanked and, without paying, left.


‘Die Europäische Union ist eine geheimdienstlich kriminelle Vereinigung, eine organisierte Kriminalität’ (File Geheimdienstlich kriminelle Vereinigung). Destruktivität und Verbrechen sind zum geheimdienstlich-polizeilichen Hobby geworden.

File Wiener Justizstallunge: ‘fun, fun, fun… lie, kill, cheat, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?’; ‘unsavory reputations including criminals’.

Es ist die Gesichtseite des sadistisch-kriminellen Bibelgotts: ‘Sadismus des Herrn’; ‘as cruel as god’; ‘cannibal’; ‘carnage’ (op. cit.).

File EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding: ‘Solana, Barroso, Juncker, Merkel: Schreien Sie immerfort Europe, Europe; Europa, Europa…, savage…’

File EU-State: ‘ammonia smell of the underarms sweat: severe extrasystoles… Underarms’ colored sweat: severe heart failure’…, ‘international conditions totally control the situtation…, Boykott’ und ‘Kampf gegen meine Partituren’ in der Europäischen Union’.

File Kanzlerin Merkels Propaganda: ‘Gipfelpunkt des Sadismus und Verbrechens, deren sich die christlich geprägte Politik der Europäischen Union… rühmen kann’.

File EU-State: ‘The intelligence Services have used forgeries and concocted evidence… to discredit people’.

File ‘Österreichs katholischer Staat’: ‘Duuu…, niederträchtiges Österreich…’ im Hintergrund.


Without entente cordiale, without connivance of the ‘warring brothers’ of the EU, those destructive criminal acts, described in the website, won’t be possible only in one country.

‘Ohne europäische Hilfe wären die USA…’:

“Washington – Die Menschenrechtsorganisation Amnesty International hat europäische Staaten dazu aufgefordert, ihre Rolle bei den Verhörmethoden des US-Geheimdienstes CIA umfassend aufzuklären. Ohne europäische Hilfe “wären die USA nicht in der Lage gewesen, für so viele Jahre Menschen in Geheimgefängnissen festzuhalten und zu foltern”, schreibt die Organisation… Die Zeit der “Verleugnung und Vertuschung” müsse ein Ende haben, forderte die Amnesty” (Spiegel Online 20 Jan 2015).

File GoGoogle: ‘Die westliche Welt wurde in einem in ihrer langen Geschichte bisher unbekannten Maße zusammengeschweißt’.

C.f. file: Stop Deception You Bastard


Einsatz von Hunden_

 Cf: Säpo Chief Super Criminal_:

Pitbull in Griechenland.

Pit Bull Naxos May 25 2014

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Pit Bull Naxos May2514