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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Colored Sweat

Go file: EU-State: ‘Chromhidrosis (also referred to as ‘Colored sweat’ is a rare condition characterized by the secretion of colored sweat. Usually chromhidrosis affects the apocrine glands, mainly on the face and underarms. A limited number of treatment options exist… prolonged relief may be provided by botulinum toxin treatment.

bot·u·li·num = poisonous bacterium

Chromogenic pigments produced by bacteria (Corynebacterium in particular) are implicated in this condition… The ‘toxigenic strains of [Corynebacterium] secrete a potent exotoxin…

Exotoxin = powerful soluble toxin produced by a bacterium

The toxin is distributed to distant organs by the circulatory system and may cause paralysis and congestive heart failure… A potent exotoxin [is] the major virulence factor.

Virulent = (of a disease or poison) extremely dangerous.’